Jelld was founded in 2016 in Hebron by three university students who were looking for an innovation venture that would create economic opportunity for those in need. 

Growing up in a city renowned for commerce and craft industry, the three decided to work with leather and create products that would appeal to their generation.

In the winter of 2016, Jelld launched its first

products; tobacco pouch, men's wallet, and satchel, which would become instant hits among young people who embraced Jelld's stylish designs & local origin.

Today, Jelld has grown to employ 17 people and market its products worldwide. 


Who we are?

Jelld; Arabic for lather, is a social enterprise in Hebron, Palestine. It specializes in making quality handmade leather products. 

Jelld products are originally designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans from genuine leather.

Jelld strives to reinvigorate Hebron's traditional leather industry with creativity and contemporary designs. Also, it provides economic opportunities for marginalized members of our society. Though its products, Jelld aims to promote traditional crafts of Palestine in local and international markets.