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Est. 1928

Leather making has been a family passion since 1928. Each piece of leather gets collected from butchers in Jerusalem and around the middle east. Cow leather is the most popular among all. Goat leather is the most unique upon all others. It takes weeks for the leather to be properly cleaned and ready for its next steps. Each sheet goes into rooms where it gets proplery tanned shades of black, camel, orange and brown.

Other shades like olive, brique, aged red are all seasonal colors that you often find once or twice yearly.

After producing tons of big leather sheets, local and international businesses purchase the requested quantity for their companies to maufacture the leather sheets.

Who we are?

About 6 years ago, we finally decided to start creating our own designed pieces from the leather we have. Starting out simple, our first design was the Original Jelld Bag that first launched in 2016. This unique bag comes as one piece of leather that containes zero cuts! Its compacted together along with a digged in adjustable starp from the side to form a simple design on each side of the bag. Of course you have multiple pockets with different sizes inside. 

Everthing is 100% wholegrain leather with no fabric or any other materials. 

Moreover, we started with new desigsn that fit the trend. 

Today, Jelld have a big collection of different bag designs, fanny packs, multiple wallet ideas, and more! 

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